The Word Factory

Words are a very powerful tool for communication. Your reader forms views and impressions, and makes conclusions about you and the issue. So when you write, you must express yourself clearly and effectively so that your words convey what you want to say coherently and persuasively. 


We set up Clarity The Word Factory to spread the power of good writing. Our mission is to help you develop this critical skill, and to help you boost your written communications. Our courses teach you how to write clearly and effectively. We offer writing services and consultation to help you sharpen what you need to say and how to say it most persuasively. 


We ourselves have been there and done that. We know the challenges and the demands of written communication. We are passionate about good writing. We want to impart the skills and improve the quality of writing. 


How we Can Help You

WritinG & Editing

We accept commissions to write and edit books, edit copy, and write speeches, news releases and other written communications. 


We conduct training workshops to help our clients develop critical writing skills.


We help you enhance your brand by communicating more effectively through the written word.