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Clarity The Word Factory conducts training workshops for anyone who wants to improve their writing so that what they write is clear and effective. We have a basic syllabus for each of our workshops. But we can also customise the workshop to meet any specific needs you have beyond our basic syllabus.


Our workshops are carefully designed for effective learning. They are loaded with exercises and the lessons are conveyed through interaction and discussion to ensure that the learning points are reinforced and absorbed. Our aim is to enable you to intuitively apply what you learn to what you write.


We can use your writing samples to develop the exercises as this can enable you to absorb the lessons better. With our extensive experience in the civil service, we are particularly attuned to the shortcomings of civil service writing and we tailor our workshops accordingly. For our corporate clients and individuals, we find out your specific needs and customise our training accordingly.


​Our one-day workshops run from 9am to 5pm with a one-hour lunch break. Under COVID-19 restrictions, our workshops are conducted online via Zoom. They can be conducted in one day or over two half-days, depending on the client's preference. There are stretch and coffee breaks so as to avoid Zoom fatigue. 


Our standard fee is S$9,000 (no GST) per workshop for a maximum of 20 participants. Our practical learning approach requires everyone who attends our workshop to participate actively. We want to give as much attention to each participant as possible, so the class size cannot be too large or the learning would not be as effective. Each participant will be given a course book.





One-Day Courses

(1) Effective Writing


Learn to improve your writing in this foundation course. We cover the principles of good writing that you can apply to any kind of writing. You will learn to use techniques at different stages of the writing process to craft writing that is polished and persuasive – and impress your reader.

(2) Writing with Empathy


When your staff come to you with questions and complaints, you want to show that you have heard them and are invested in trying to help them. They need to know that they matter to your organisation and are valued – especially if you have to deliver bad news. This workshop will give you a deeper understanding of what it means to write with empathy and give you the tools to help you do so.

(3) Writing to the Public

If you need to reply to feedback, complaints and appeals and explain your organisation’s policies, actions and programmes to the public, this workshop is for you. Learn how to communicate with members of the public so that you gain their support and understanding, and they have a positive impression of your organisation.

(4) Writing Accurate and Clear Minutes


Minutes are important records of discussions and decisions. This workshop will show you how to prepare for a meeting, take good notes, and produce minutes that are accurate and clear.

(5) Vetting and Editing 


Are you responsible for vetting and editing? Is the task frustrating and does it take too long? Learn to vet and edit more quickly and effectively using the tips and techniques we share in this course.

“Clear writing is universal . . . If you write in a way that is clear, transparent, and elegant, it will reach everyone.”

- Malcolm Gladwell

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Anchor - Writig & Editing
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Let us help you get your story and messages across clearly and effectively. We can write your book, speech, talking points, news release, presentation, exhibition panels – anything you put out where words matter. We can also polish your copy so that you and your organisation shine.  

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You want to enhance your brand, and promote yourself or your organisation. Talk to us and explore how you can use words to inform, influence and persuade effectively. We will help you to communicate your ideas in writing – get the right messages across and make the impact you want.  


Get in touch with us if you are interested in any of our services.

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